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Family Law


Victories for Trupiano Law in Family Law regarding Divorce, Annulment, Alimony, Property Distribution, Child Support, Settlement Agreements, Disputed Divorce, Protective Orders, Prenuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Utah State law firm, practicing in family law as well as federal immigration law and criminal defense.

Below is a list, which is not all inclusive, of representative cases involving situation where Ms. Trupiano protected her client’s property interests in divorce, avoided the unfair imposition of alimony, enforced child support and medical support enforcement from the non-custodial parent with interest, sought aggressive enforcement of other domestic-relations orders, obtained emergency child custody orders for the father, successfully defended against motion by former spouse for higher interest in marital property than original Settlement Agreement and Divorce Decree granted, obtained dismissal of protective orders, successfully sought annulment, and other matters.

Attorney Kim Trupiano has specialized particularly in representing people whose spouses are abusing the system to obtain more money or property than is fair from their spouse or to wrongfully exploit the children or protective orders as tools of abuse against their spouse.


Why Kim Trupiano Is Successful

  • Aggressive — Although she works to find resolutions where they can be obtained, she prepares for trial, not for settlement. Kim exploits any hole in the other side’s case to gain advantage and maximize the positive outcomes for her clients.
  • Thorough — Kim’s attention to detail is essential to challenging evidence in court proceedings and producing a strong evidentiary case for her client, including strongly-backed and detailed motions for relief.
  • Compassionate — She eases client concerns by taking the time to explain clients’ rights, explore their options and keep them updated about progress in the case.
  • Creative — Kim does her homework to raise new defense and affirmative relief theories, or to negotiate alternative resolutions and outcomes.

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