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Victories for Trupiano Law in Family Law regarding Divorce, Annulment, Alimony, Property Distribution, Child Support, Settlement Agreements, Disputed Divorce, Protective Orders, Prenuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Attorney Kim Trupiano has specialized particularly in representing people whose spouses are abusing the system to obtain more money or property than is fair from their spouse or to wrongfully exploit the children or protective orders as tools of abuse against their spouse.  Here is a list that is not all inclusive of victories that Kim Trupiano has had in family law matters:




Matter of D.P. – Ms. Trupiano WON dismissal of former husband’s claims for CHANGE IN CHILD CUSTODY
  Husband had filed a motion from California seeking full custody of children and challenging the jurisdiction of the Utah court to have granted child custody to the mother in Utah. Ms. Trupiano represented the mother and successfully argued that the Utah Court had had jurisdiction over the children (although they had been in Mexico during the divorce proceedings) and that the father had improperly raised his claim for child custody.
Matter of A.T. – Ms. Trupiano WON against husband’s motions for Order to Show Cause that wife was ALIENATING AFFECTION OF CHILDREN 
  Husband during divorce had sought contempt against wife for alienating children which Ms. Trupiano successfully won against
Matter of J.T. – Ms. Trupiano WON petition for divorce-related protective order against husband and granting CHILD CUSTODY to wife
  After a thorough investigation and working with the police, Ms. Trupiano filed a successful petition for protective order and for immediate custody of the children with supervised visits for the father until he obtained the necessary counseling to revisit the issue of supervised visits.
Matter of C.B. Ms. Trupiano WON during EMERGENCY MOTION FOR CHILD TEMPORARY CUSTODY granted to father in divorce where child was in shelter with mother
  Mr. B’s wife, who was a citizen of Argentina and a legal permanent resident of the United States, filed for a protective order against Mr. B, as well as a complaint for criminal domestic violence assault. Mr. B filed for divorce and sought custody of his son. Ms. Trupiano prepared the evidence and arguments and won on her emergency motion for temporary custody granted to father.
Matter of T.P. – Ms. Trupiano SUCCESSFULLY brokered a SETTLEMENT for husband in divorce-related case involving CHILD CUSTODY AND VISITATION disputes
  Mr. P’s ex-wife was resentful of Mr. T after he remarried so she started causing Mr. T a lot of problems when it came to his picking up his children for visits and other issues. Ms. Trupiano met with Mr. T to list his concerns, and she arrived at the underlying issues that Mr. T wanted to accomplish. At mediation, Ms. Trupiano worked with Mr. T and his former wife to come up with many creative solutions to assist them in future communications and situations to assist them in their co-parenting role of their minor children which considers the former couple’s inherent distrust of each other and desire not to speak with each other.
Matter of A.T. – Ms. Trupiano WON against former husband’s wrongful motion to have CHILD SUPPORT be paid to treatment center where teenage child was temporarily residing
  Former husband sought to have child support not paid to custodial wife but to be routed directly to treatment center where teenage son was residing temporarily. Ms. Trupiano won against this claim where former wife had legal physical custody over child still.
Matter of S.T. – Ms. Trupiano WON enforcement claim against former husband for BASE CHILD SUPPORT AND MEDICAL CHILD SUPPORT including interest
  Former husband had stopped paying base child support and his half of the child’s health insurance premiums and medical care bills for child. Ms. Trupiano successfully filed and won a Motion for Order to Show Cause for contempt against former husband and obtained a judgment with pre- and post-judgment interest for the unpaid support due so that the Office of Recovery Services (“ORS”). Ms. Trupiano also filed a successful claim directly with ORS so that ORS intervened on the court case and froze the bank accounts of the former husband.


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Why Kim Trupiano Is Successful

  • Aggressive — Although she works to find resolutions where they can be obtained, she prepares for trial, not for settlement. Kim exploits any hole in the other side’s case to gain advantage and maximize the positive outcomes for her clients.
  • Thorough — Kim’s attention to detail is essential to challenging evidence in court proceedings and producing a strong evidentiary case for her client, including strongly-backed and detailed motions for relief.
  • Compassionate — She eases client concerns by taking the time to explain clients’ rights, explore their options and keep them updated about progress in the case.
  • Creative — Kim does her homework to raise new defense and affirmative relief theories, or to negotiate alternative resolutions and outcomes.

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