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Salt Lake City Lawyer: Employment Based Non-Immigrant Visas

United States immigration laws are complex. Careful preparation of visa applications and strict compliance with immigration procedures is necessary to avoid delays in the process. Kimberly J. Trupiano is an experienced, reputable immigration law attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her extensive knowledge in U.S. immigration laws enables her to provide effective legal counsel to foreign nationals seeking temporary employment in the U.S. and U.S. companies seeking to petition a foreign national for a business or employment-based non-immigrant visa.

Types of Non-Immigrant Visas Available to Foreign Workers

There are many classifications of business and employment non-immigrant visas available to foreign nationals who wish to work temporarily in the U.S. based upon the worker’s intent and type of work that will be performed. Examples of these employment based non-immigrant visas include:

  • H-1B work visas: Temporary work visas for workers in a specialty occupation possessing a high level of knowledge or expertise in a specific field
  • H-2 visas: H-2A non-immigrant work visas for seasonal agricultural workers and H-2B non-immigrant visas for other seasonal workers, such as restaurant workers, amusement park workers, resort workers and other temporary workers
  • L-1 visas: Temporary business or employment visas for intracompany transfers of managers, executives or other workers with specialized knowledge
  • Other business or employment-based non-immigrant visas: including B-1 visas for business travel; E-2 visas for entrepreneur investors; P visas for athletes, artists, entertainers; and other non-immigrant employment visas

Temporary Residency Requirements

With the exception of the H-1B specialty worker visa and L-1 intracompany employee transfer visa, non-immigrant visas require the petitioner to have the intent to return to their home country at the completion of their visa term. In order to prove intent, visa applicants must demonstrate ties outside of the U.S. which they do not intend to abandon.

Experienced Immigration Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

Trupiano Law assists U.S. employers sponsoring foreign workers for non-immigrant visas through the visa petition process and the labor certification process. Immigration attorney Kim Trupiano also offers experienced advice to foreign workers who wish to petition for an extension or change of status or who have overstayed their employment visa and could face removal from the U.S.

Contact Trupiano Law for experienced legal counsel with all aspects of employment-based non-immigrant visas. Kim offers an initial telephone consultation, and staff members of Trupiano Law speak Spanish, Vietnamese, and German.