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Is It Too Dangerous to Go Back Home?

Utah Immigration Lawyer for Asylum Seekers

If your U.S. visa is expiring or you are in removal proceedings, but you would face persecution in your home country, Trupiano Law can help you apply for asylum to stay in the United States.

Attorney Kim Trupiano has been successful in qualifying clients for asylum. She practices immigration law in Salt Lake City, Utah, serving foreign nationals and their sponsoring employers, family members or organizations. Call 801-266-0166 for a Consultation.

Asylum and Refugee Status

Many people make the mistake of trying to apply for asylum on their own. You need a knowledgeable immigration lawyer who can properly document and file the petition.

To qualify as an asylee, you must show reasonable fear of persecution if you were forced to return to your country of origin. Persecution can be based on your race, ethnicity, social class, religion or political views. Kim Trupiano uses reports from the U.S. State Department or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or experts on conditions in foreign countries who can testify that it would be dangerous for you to return home.

Attorneys at Trupiano Law can also assist people presently living in another country who are seeking immediate entry to the U.S. as a refugee because they are members of a persecuted group.

There are two ways to secure asylum: (a) applying through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or (b) seeking asylum as a defense against deportation in current removal proceedings. Kim Trupiano verifies that you are admissible (no criminal convictions or other barriers to immigration) or seeks waivers of admissibility.

If you are granted asylum, you can apply for legal permanent resident status after one year.

Contact Trupiano Law in Salt Lake City, Utah for experienced legal counsel. Call 801-266-0166 for a telephone consultation or for an in-office meeting to go over your case. Spanish, German, and Vietnamese-speaking staff are available to interpret when necessary. She has extensive experience in immigration and removal law.