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Expert immigration law advice for West Valley City, UT from Trupiano Law, PC.

Immigration law and deportation cases should be handled by a qualified attorney who has offices near you if you live in the West Valley City area. When you need the services of an experienced attorney, trust Trupiano Law. We have the extensive experience and tenure working in immigration and deportation law. The U.S. legal system is complex, and having an attorney working for you means you have a better opportunity for the most favorable outcome possible.

Regarding immigration law and deportation cases, no two cases are the same. Ms. Trupiano’s approach to the law is based on your needs. Our law firm is familiar with the multiple facets of immigration proceedings and what is required for a successful outcome. Trust our attorneys to explain the complexities of your case to you or your family to ensure a favorable result. With Trupiano Law, you have a qualified immigration law attorney working for your benefit.

No matter if you want to enter the U.S. for asylum or are seeking citizenship for yourself or a loved one, much is required by the court’s for this to happen. Criminal attorney, Kim Trupiano will explain what your immigration case entails, then assists with deciding on the best course of action for everyone involved in the case. We will continue to help you as we file the necessary paperwork and petitions in West Valley City, UT.

Even if you are non-citizens facing deportation or removal proceedings due to an expired visa, have entered the U.S. without inspection or have committed a crime worthy of deportation while living in the States, Trupiano can help. Kim Trupiano is dedicated to assisting clients to avoid criminal convictions that would impede their immigration status. Among our expertise, we work for conviction reversals that bar entry into the United States and believe that non-citizens deserve legal representation from a highly qualified immigration attorney.

Reliable Representation

If you have asylum and immigration is standing in your way because of a criminal conviction or previous restrictive acts, contact Ms. Trupiano. Attorney Trupiano will petition for asylum on behalf of lawful and undocumented immigration clients throughout West Valley. Asylum cases are vital because the petitioner would face persecution or torture if they returned to their home country. Our proven track record for successful petitions is something Kim Trupiano has great pride in. We can also have extensive experience with filing waivers, claims for available relief and post-conviction relief to assist aliens applying for U.S. asylum.

  • Legal permanent residence (“green cards”) for foreign workers or spouses of U.S. citizens
  • Employment-based immigrant visas
  • Family-based immigrant visas and visas for fiancées
  • Temporary visas or non-immigrant visas for work, travel or reuniting with family members
  • Employment-based non-immigration visas
  • Naturalization to become a U.S. citizen
  • H-1B visas for specialty occupation workers
  • Deportation and removal defense
  • Consequences of criminal convictions
  • Asylum
  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Adjustment of status petitions
  • Visa renewals and extensions, as well as change status to another non-immigrant status
  • Immigration appeals (to the Board of Immigration Appeals, to the Administrative Appeals Office, to the federal district courts, and to circuit courts for habeas and judicial review of immigration matters involving claims for relief and for release from custody)

Petitioning for Asylum

If you have questions about your employment visa or other immigration needs and need to speak to an attorney who understands federal immigration law and Utah State criminal law, schedule a meeting with Trupiano Law. Our firm possesses the knowledge required to work cases where criminal and immigration law intersect. Attorney Trupiano’s attention to details and active, proactive approach ensures she is the most effective immigration attorney practicing in West Valley City. We handle a full spectrum of immigration and deportation scenarios from non-immigrant visas and administrative appeals of judicial decisions to family and employment-based immigration.

We are available to assist you in Spanish, Vietnamese and German. Please call 801-266-0166 for a free initial phone consultation.