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Even if you believe that you and your spouse are expected to agree on the terms of your divorce that is, where your divorce is “uncontested,” it is still a good idea to consult with a good family law attorney. If you have international issues in your divorce case, Ms. Trupiano can also help.

An experienced and careful divorce lawyer can help you recognize ways to avoid problems in the future and ensure you have covered all points and protected your rights. Often, divorces that are done online without the advice of a careful divorce lawyer lead to later problems that cause the parties more time, money, and stress than if they had filed the divorce the first time with the right family law and divorce law advice. It is difficult for people to see issues and circumstances that could come up later in the future when they try to enter their own uncontested divorce.

How We Can Help

Ms. Trupiano and her excellent staff manage a wide range of issues relating to family and divorce law. She has successfully helped United States citizens and non-United States citizens seeking help with family law and other related matters. Ms. Trupiano and her staff handle each case with precise attention-to-detail of the facts and applicable state, federal, and international law with cases involving:

  • Divorce
  • International Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Annulment
  • Abuse of State, International, and Immigration Justice Systems in Divorce
  • Alimony and Maintenance
  • Custody of Children
  • Child Support
  • Division of Marital Assets and Liabilities
  • Prenuptial Agreements (Utah State, immigration, and international law)
  • Protective Orders, Restraining Orders

Kimberly J. Trupiano works with her clients to see if there is a way to agree on at least some terms without compromising her client’s main objectives. Ms. Trupiano works with her clients to help the process go as smoothly as possible as to custody arrangements, property distribution, marital business divisions, child support and collections, spouse support or alimony, and other issues tied with divorce.

If there are some issues that you and your spouse cannot agree on, your divorce is “contested.” Although you and your spouse may have even great disagreements about how the divorce and its terms should be decided, there are many ways for a good family law lawyer to best seek the objectives you want. Kim Trupiano and her staff will represent your interests in an aggressive but balanced way. As excellent family law counsel, Trupiano Law will work to narrow down the issues that can be resolved in a fair settlement and then determinedly seek the best outcome in court for those issues that must be litigated.

Why Trupiano Law Is Successful

  • Aggressive — Although attorney Kim Trupiano works to find resolutions where they can be obtained, she prepares for trial, not for settlement. Kim exploits any hole in the other side’s case to gain advantage and maximize the positive outcomes for her clients.
  • Thorough — Kim’s attention to detail is essential to challenging evidence in court proceedings and producing a strong evidentiary case for her client, including strongly-backed and detailed motions for relief.
  • Compassionate — She eases client concerns by taking the time to explain clients’ rights, explore their options and keep them updated about progress in the case.
  • Creative — Kim does her homework to raise new defense and affirmative relief theories, or to negotiate alternative resolutions and outcomes.

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