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Abuse of State, International, and Immigration Justice Systems in Divorce

While many people associate “domestic violence” as the preeminent abuse in marriages, there are other terrible ways that spouses will victimize the other spouse in legal proceedings involving family law.  That is, often, one spouse will victimize the other spouse through manipulation of the legal systems, including the State divorce courts, State juvenile courts, State criminal courts, international legal systems, and federal immigration law agencies.

Unfortunately, often in divorce proceedings one parent will abuse the judicial system against the other parent. Abuse of the court systems can occur in many ways, but common ways are the following:

  • Filing a protective order petition with false claims of domestic violence against the victim spouse.
  • Filing false police reports to pursue criminal claims of domestic violence against victim spouse just to get an upper edge for child custody and support claims in divorce proceedings.
  • Making false allegations in court that the victim parent is taking drugs and so should not have any unsupervised time with a child of the marriage.
  • Alienating the children’s affections from the victim parent to discourage the victim parent from seeing the children to get a false upper edge for child custody and support in divorce proceedings.
  • Removing the child from the area so that the victim parent has less or no access to his child forcing the victim parent to file action in court.
  • Filing claims in a divorce petition or counter-petition regarding children, assets, alimony, etc. that have absolutely no merit just to wear out the victim spouse.
  • Removing egregious amounts of funds from joint account (called dissipation of marital assets).
  • Using the victim United States citizen spouse to marry and then filing for divorce using one or more of the above tactics after having obtained legal permanent resident through the marriage.
  • Abusing foreign law for couples involved in international divorce cases where they relocated to one spouse’s home country, as the eventual unfair disadvantage of the other spouse regarding issues such as marital property and child custody.
  • Dissipation marital assets in a secretive way to prevent the other spouse from having access.

Kim Trupiano aggressively defends against such false abusive practices of the State judicial system and federal immigration systems. She has successfully had protective orders dismissed before they became permanent, successfully defended against false domestic violence claims, defended against false claims of drug use by the other parent, set up systems of effective monitoring to ensure the parent does not alienate the affections of the child against the victim parent, obtained a court order to ensure the parent does not remove the child too far away from the victim parent to ensure both parents have fair visitation with the child, successfully defended against false “posturing” in divorce proceedings in a way that avoided wearing down the victim spouse, obtained court intervention with fair temporary court orders when one spouse removes too many funds from a joint account, and sought annulment for a fake marriage by alien spouse who wrongfully used the United States citizen spouse to obtain legal status and then abused the court system to obtain a false protective order and child custody.

Why Trupiano Law Is Successful

  • Aggressive — Although attorney Kim Trupiano works to find resolutions where they can be obtained, she prepares for trial, not for settlement. Kim exploits any hole in the other side’s case to gain advantage and maximize the positive outcomes for her clients.
  • Thorough — Kim’s attention to detail is essential to challenging evidence in court proceedings and producing a strong evidentiary case for her client, including strongly-backed and detailed motions for relief.
  • Compassionate — She eases client concerns by taking the time to explain clients’ rights, explore their options and keep them updated about progress in the case.
  • Creative — Kim does her homework to raise new defense and affirmative relief theories, or to negotiate alternative resolutions and outcomes.

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