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Salt Lake City White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

As a criminal defense and civil litigation attorney based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Kimberly J. Trupiano provides professional representation for individuals charged with a white collar crime. Kim’s strong skills as a legal writer and litigator enable her to present her clients’ cases in a manner that gives them the best chance of a positive resolution to their criminal and civil cases.

What is White Collar Crime?

A white collar crime is most often a non-violent criminal offense that relies on deception for monetary gain, such as fraud. Among the crimes classified as a white collar crime are the following:

  • Bank fraud or mortgage fraud
  • Check fraud and check kiting; forgery
  • Forgery and counterfeiting
  • Identity theft
  • Embezzlement and breach of fiduciary duty
  • Government program fraud or contracting fraud
  • Mail fraud or wire fraud (use of fax, phone or Internet to further a crime)
  • Communications fraud (false statements)
  • Investment scams
  • Deceptive practices (i.e., theft by deception and other theft crimes)
  • Money laundering
  • Blackmail
  • Conspiracy and racketeering under the RICO Act, including related criminal charges, civil forfeiture of assets and related civil fraud litigation
  • Securities fraud such as Ponzi schemes
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud and other health care fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Public corruption (such as bribery or extortion)
  • Counterfeiting
  • Immigration-related fraud crimes (such as visa fraud and filing false immigration statements)

Effective White Collar Crime Defense

Most of the same legal concepts and doctrines apply to white collar crimes as to more violent, conventional crimes. However, white collar prosecutions are often much more factually complex and involve a number of complicated legal issues that must be resolved. Prosecution may be in state court, federal court or sometimes both.

Trupiano Law conducts a thorough interview and gets the facts from clients. The penalties and fines for a white collar offense can be difficult to comprehend. As an experienced and knowledgeable white collar crime defense lawyer, Kimberly J. Trupiano explains the possibilities in depth to her clients. She evaluates any government investigations under way and looks for all viable legal and factual arguments to raise for her client’s defense.

Whether a client is a victim or is charged with a white collar crime, it is important for Trupiano Law to investigate the victim’s accounting and business practices as well as the defendant’s practices to understand possible arguments of offsetting liability.

Protect Your Assets from Attachment or Forfeiture

Additionally, Kim does all she can to protect her clients’ assets by taking advantage of appropriate remedies or their defenses, such as notices of lis pendens, constructive trust claims, preliminary injunctions, restraining orders on assets, writs of attachment and forfeiture.

Immigration-Related White Collar and Fraud Crimes

Ms. Trupiano’s extensive immigration and criminal law experience enables her to provide acute and effective representation to clients facing immigration-related white collar crime charges. Although some might not appear to be white collar crimes, they are when they involve criminal enterprises and businesses whose pattern and practice is to commit these offenses to make money. White collar crimes typically refer to a type of crime committed by business people, entrepreneurs, public officials, and professionals through deception. Thus, the crimes listed as fraud-based can also fall under the white collar realm when the scope of criminal activity expands into a pattern or practice, in other words, a criminal enterprise. Ms. Trupiano represents people accused of a wide variety of immigration-related federal and Utah State white collar crime charges. They include criminal enterprises to commit visa fraud, social security fraud, filing false immigration statements, marriage fraud, smuggling/harboring unlawful aliens, trafficking false immigration documents, and other serious offenses. See the Fraud page for a much more comprehensive list of representative charges.

If you are a victim of or are suspected of committing white collar criminal activity, it is important that you contact a lawyer immediately. As your attorney, Kimberly J. Trupiano will represent you and your interests effectively and aggressively, and make sure you receive fair and just treatment.

Call Trupiano Law, in Salt Lake City, Utah at 801-266-0166 to arrange for your consultation. There is no charge for the first 20-minutes for consultations regarding criminal and juvenile delinquency matters. A reasonable fee is required for consultations regarding immigration law. There are Spanish, Vietnamese, and German speakers on staff to help interpret.