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Assertive Defense for Theft Allegations

Shoplifting • Larceny • Identity Theft • Burglary

You were caught stealing merchandise, using someone else’s credit card, or breaking into a home or business. Or so the police assumed. Criminal defense lawyer Kimberly J. Trupiano conducts a thorough investigation and raises smart defenses to keep clients out of jail and avoid convictions.

Charged with Theft or Identity Theft?
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Attorney Kim Trupiano does not automatically look to plea bargain. She always prepares for trial and makes sure the state can prove its case. In theft cases, the prosecution must prove an intent to deprive a person or entity of money or property.

Shoplifting — Retail theft is vigorously prosecuted by businesses. In their eagerness to catch shoplifters, security staff and store managers often arrest people before they leave the premises. Ms. Trupiano seeks security camera footage and other evidence to show that her client forgot about an item and did not intend to leave without paying for it. She also examines whether security personnel violated clients’ rights in detaining or interrogating them.

Identity theft — Unauthorized use of a credit card or obtaining another person’s personal documents (driver’s license, birth certificate) are serious felonies. However, the state must still prove a theft occurred or an intent to defraud. Kim Trupiano hires investigators to interview witnesses whose testimony may exonerate clients or at least contradict the prosecution’s version.

Burglary — Breaking and entering with the intent to commit a crime is a serious felony, especially if the building is occupied. Trupiano Law has demonstrated in several cases that her client entered the home or business to retrieve personal property that the “victim” had refused to return. Although this is not strictly legal (or advisable), it doesn’t meet the criteria for burglary.

Kim Trupiano exhausts all defenses before negotiating to enter a plea to a lesser offense. She searches for evidence beyond the police report (911 calls, surveillance video) that tells a different story of what happened. If you are accused of identity theft or any property crime, contact her Salt Lake City office to protect your rights. Trupiano Law extends an initial consultation, and has Spanish speakers on staff.