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Salt Lake City Sex Crimes Attorney

Conviction for a sex offense carries not only a significant prison term, but the lasting stigma and burden of registering as a sex offender for many years after. Trupiano Law is committed to giving the accused a fair chance to defend themselves in a system that assumes their guilt.

Kimberly J. Trupiano vigorously defends clients accused of sex crimes in the Salt Lake City area and surrounding jurisdictions of Utah. Call immediately at 801-266-0166 for an initial consultation.

Skilled Defense for Sex Crime Allegations

Trupiano Law prepares for trial, but always looks for opportunities to make the charges go away without the public attention and risk of prison. She represents adults or juveniles accused of any sex offense:

  • Rape or attempted sexual assault
  • Aggravated sodomy
  • Statutory rape and solicitation of minors for sex
  • Sexual abuse of a minor
  • Child pornography (exploitation of a minor)
  • Lewdness and indecent exposure

Ms. Trupiano is aggressive in challenging the evidence, but understands that she must tread lightly where a forcible rape or abuse of a child is alleged. She is skilled at probing issues of credibility, motives and consent without raising objections and alienating the jury.

Sexual Assault — The Other Side of the Story

Many rape allegations arise from a one-night stand or other consensual act; the woman may be remorseful for religious reasons or fear of consequences. At Brigham Young University, for instance, students can be expelled for engaging in sex outside of marriage.

When clients are facing years in prison, examining the motives to fabricate a sex crime is fair game. Trupiano Law presses for the full results of the hospital rape kit, police reports, recordings of victim statements, and medical and psychological records of the victim. She also solicits contradicting testimony of witnesses as to the conduct of the victim before and after the alleged assault.

Sex Crimes Involving Children

Sexual abuse of a minor presents enormous challenges to the defense. Young children cannot be compelled to testify, robbing defendants of the right to cross-examination. Kim Trupiano is effective at casting doubt without calling the child a liar. Was the child coached or asked leading questions by investigators? Did the prosecutor establish the level of the child’s maturity and ability to recall details? Were there previous allegations involving the same child? Is the child naming an innocent person to protect Daddy or Mom’s boyfriend? Is the alleged victim being coached by a parent who is fighting for sole custody or has a vendetta against the other parent?

A sex crime defense attorney must know the law and how to proceed. Ms. Trupiano explores every viable defense and helps clients make informed decisions about pleading to a lesser offenses versus going to trial.

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