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Have You Broken Terms of Probation?

Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Probation is a second chance, allowing people who made one bad choice to avoid serious jail time or other harsh consequences. If you are headed back to court for a probation or parole violation, you are asking the judge for a third chance. Attorney Kimberly J. Trupiano provides the smart and proactive representation you need to convince the court that you won’t screw up again.

Trupiano Law represents adults and juveniles in the Salt Lake City area and surrounding jurisdictions of Utah. She has helped many clients avoid a parole revocation (back to prison) or probation revocation (off to jail to serve the original sentence). Call 801-266-0166 for an initial consultation. Se habla español.

Probation Violations

  • Court-supervised probation (unsupervised probation) puts the burden on individuals to comply with the judge’s terms, typically for one year. The most frequent mistake is failing to pay fines or complete treatment ordered by the court.
  • Adult probation and parole (supervised probation or APP) puts the person under the authority of a probation or parole officer. Probation violations involve failing to check in with the P.O., failing random urine tests, or failing to fulfill obligations of probation (treatment, fines, community service).

Stating Your Case

Trupiano Law prepares clients for the Order to Show Cause hearing, at which the judge can (a) reinstate probation or (b) terminate probation and impose the original jail sentence. The prosecutor or P.O. will present a laundry list of everything you failed to do, and urge the maximum sentence.

Ms. Trupiano counters by telling the court everything you have done right. Perhaps you completed drug treatment or faithfully attended A.A. meetings, but had a relapse. She assembles witnesses, including your probation officer, who can paint a picture of a person who is amenable to rehabilitation and working hard to turning his or her life around.

If you are in trouble because of a new criminal offense while under probation, Trupiano Law aggressively challenges the allegations to avoid revocation of probation and additional jail time for the new crime.

Committed Advocacy

Kim Trupiano understands that’s its tough to stay clean. She fights hard to win you another chance after a probation violation. Contact her immediately.