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Utah Petitions for Post-Conviction Relief and Appeals Lawyer

After a conviction, most defendants lose the will to fight anymore. They take the punishment handed to them and live with it. This is sometimes the wrong approach. There are often external factors or items that were handled improperly that could have led to a different and better outcome. Kimberly J. Trupiano is a criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kim’s strong legal writing and research skills give her the unique ability to help clients with their post-conviction or habeas corpus petitions and appeals.

Time is of the essence

It is important, after you have been convicted and received your sentence, to appeal in a timely manner. You have only thirty (30) days to file the notice of appeal after the judgment has been entered. Typical appeal issues include, but are not limited to, ineffective assistance of counsel, wrongfully revoked probation, attorney conflicts of interest, defects in jury instructions, denial of a motion to withdraw an involuntary plea, or an attorney improperly judging their client or assisting the prosecution in their case.

Post-conviction, or otherwise called habeas corpus relief, petitions usually must be filed within one year of entry of judgment. The courts allow for some leeway to that one-year limit sometimes in the interest of justice; nevertheless, it is much better to have the petition filed on time! Petitions for post-conviction remedies can be appropriate in cases, for example, where a client has entered a plea involuntarily and unknowingly and then realized after sentencing that he or she should not have entered the plea. Petitions for post-conviction can also be appropriate in cases of ineffective assistance of counsel, presentation of new evidence that was not or could not be discovered before, and other issues.

As your post-conviction or appellate attorney, Kim will review your case and court records thoroughly to see what issues might be raised in a motion for post-conviction relief or in an appeal. She then prepares a very detailed case that affords her clients the best possible opportunity of success after conviction.

Protect your rights

If you have been convicted and sentenced or have entered a plea without understanding its implications, and need help seeking post-conviction or appellate remedies, it is important that you contact a post-conviction and criminal appeals attorney immediately. Kimberly J. Trupiano will represent you and your interests effectively and aggressively. Call her law office by phone at 801-266-0166 to arrange for your initial consultation.