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Business professionals and other individuals facing allegations of embezzlement, employee theft or accounting fraud can expect aggressive, thorough, compassionate and creative criminal defense representation from Trupiano Law, in Salt Lake City, Utah. An experienced and successful embezzlement defense attorney, Kimberly J. Trupiano has provided smart, effective embezzlement defense representation to clients under investigation and clients confronted with criminal charges.

What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement involves theft where the defendant utilizes a position of trust to deceive another individual or entity of such property. Corporate officers and other company executives often face embezzlement allegations and other fraud charges when the company is investigated for illegal activity. However, any employee, agent or other individual in the position of trust can also face embezzlement charges.

Aggressive, Proactive, Thorough Embezzlement Defense

Investigations into fraud, embezzlement and other white collar crimes are conducted by the FBI over the course of months and even years. The extensive resources and investigative tools at their disposal can enable the government to accumulate massive amounts of damaging evidence from wire taps, paper trails, financial records, testimony from co-conspirators willing to make a deal, and much more.

While many defendants do not become aware that they are the target of an investigation for serious white collar crimes until the charges are formally filed, other defendants learn or become suspicious when they are questioned in connection to an ongoing investigation, or when they are subpoenaed by a grand jury. Early intervention is critical both in civil and criminal embezzlement cases. It can mean the difference between paying restitution but avoiding criminal charges, and a criminal conviction that destroys one’s reputation, career and future.

Trupiano Law conducts thorough interviews of clients and implements intensive investigations to identify legal and factual arguments to raise in a client’s defense. When the evidence is indisputable, Kim works closely with the prosecutor and the alleged victim to negotiate restitution or an alternative resolution that makes it unnecessary to file charges — and, ultimately, avoids a conviction and lengthy sentence.

Comprehensive Embezzlement Defense Representation

Individuals facing allegations of embezzlement will frequently also face civil liability for breach of fiduciary duty. As an experienced embezzlement defense lawyer, Kim Trupiano has the experience, attention to detail and perseverance to effectively represent clients in pre-charge investigations and both civil and criminal proceedings.

Success in Embezzlement and Theft Defense. Trupiano Law successfully obtained full dismissals of two separate cases involving charges of white collar theft. View criminal defense case results.

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