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Skilled Drug Crime Defense in Utah

A conviction on drug charges carries possible prison time and long-term adverse consequences. Trupiano Law will make the state prove its case or negotiate to soften the penalties if you are charged with drug possession or small-scale distribution.

Attorney Kimberly J. Trupiano challenges every aspect of the prosecution’s case, from legality of the initial stop to the custody and testing of evidence, to create reasonable doubt and put her clients in a stronger position for a favorable outcome.

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Arrange an initial consultation with an aggressive drug possession lawyer. The attorneys at Trupiano Law practice in all courts of the Salt Lake City area and surrounding counties of Utah.

Trupiano Law handles all misdemeanor and felony drug crimes:

  • Possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of cocaine, meth, heroin, hash, ecstasy and other controlled substances
  • Illegal possession of prescription narcotics (e.g., Vicodin, OxyContin)
  • Intent to distribute (possessing a large quantity)
  • Sale of a controlled substance (e.g., to an undercover officer)
  • Manufacturing, cultivating or distributing drugs
  • Drug trafficking and money laundering

Aggressive Protection of Your Rights

Many citizens simply give away their rights, revealing the contents of their purse or pockets or consenting to a search of their vehicle. Others, when arrested for a drug crime, just give up and take whatever punishment the judge imposes.

Trupiano Law works to protect your rights and avoid conviction whenever possible. First, she conducts a thorough factual and background investigation to develop a strong defense, including grounds for motions to suppress evidence or confessions. Next, she goes over the government’s case with her client to determine whether it has a strong enough case to go to trial. If the prosecution has a compelling evidentiary case and her client wishes to explore plea negotiations, she gathers all of the positive factors indicated in her client’s circumstances and personal situation and applies them to craft the best plea agreement possible.

Kim Trupiano has successfully challenged drug possession cases on Fourth Amendment violations (illegal search and seizure). She also confronts the prosecution on probable cause for traffic stops, evidence tying the drugs specifically to her client, lab results, reliability of informants, and the experience and training of the arresting officer. At every stage, she aims to raise points that may later be used to appeal a conviction.

Many first offenders may qualify for a deferred sentence or plea in abeyance that avoids a conviction if they stay clean for 12 months. Other drug charges can often be negotiated to lesser offenses to avoid a felony conviction or reduce the prison sentence. If the client wants to work out a plea deal, Trupiano Law prepares effective pre-sentencing packets to present to the court compelling factors to allow the defendant to enter into appropriate treatment in lieu of prison or jail.

Contact a proven trial lawyer who will fight your drug possession charge from all angles to achieve the most favorable outcome. Kim Trupiano offers an initial consultation at 801-266-0166, with Spanish speakers on staff.