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Effective Defense for Major Drug Crimes

Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation • Drug Trafficking

Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer Kimberly J. Trupiano employs the aggressive strategies necessary to counter high-level drug prosecutions. She has successfully represented clients on serious felony charges of manufacturing, growing, transporting or trafficking in controlled substances in Utah.

Prosecutors and judges are eager to come down hard, and mandatory minimum prison terms apply upon conviction. In addition to lengthy incarceration and fines, defendants may face asset forfeiture if the government can tie those assets to criminal activity.

Trupiano Law provides aggressive representation in the Salt Lake City area and surrounding counties of Utah. Call 801-266-0166 for an initial consultation. Competent legal counsel may mean the difference between prison and freedom.

Ms. Trupiano provides sophisticated representation for both state and federal drug crimes and related charges:

  • Drug manufacturing (meth labs)
  • Cultivation (growing marijuana)
  • Possessing precursor chemicals or meth-making equipment
  • Possession of large quantities of drugs (i.e., intent to distribute)
  • Transporting controlled substances across state lines
  • Drug trafficking (conspiracy, distribution, money laundering)

Can the State Prove Its Case?

Kim Trupiano is experienced in RICO prosecutions and other federal court proceedings. She knows the tricks that state prosecutors use to coerce pleas or cooperation — “The Feds are interested in your case. Maybe we can work out a deal.” — and calls their bluff.

While state and federal authorities have tremendous resources to investigate drug manufacturing and distribution, they don’t always play by the rules. Ms. Trupiano keeps them honest, challenging every facet of the case:

  • Was the client really involved in the operation? Who else lived there?
  • Was the search warrant based on reliable information or a neighbor’s “hunch”?
  • Did officers or agents exceed the bounds of the warrant?
  • Did they Mirandize the client? Refuse access to legal counsel? Coerce a confession?
  • Were there grounds to stop the vehicle and search it, or did the officer pull the car over on the basis of racial profiling or out-of-state plates?
  • What is the informant’s motivation? Can the story be corroborated?

The attorneys at Trupiano Law prepare drug cases on the assumption that she will have to present defense arguments to a jury. Where possible, she presses for dismissal or suppression of evidence, and explores pleas when her evaluation of the prosecution’s case determines her client is unlikely to prevail at trial.

You need aggressive, sophisticated representation to avoid or minimize prison time for a major drug-related felony, and to prevent the government from seizing your home, vehicles and bank accounts. Trupiano Law provides a confidential initial consultation, with Spanish speakers on staff. Call now at 801-266-0166.