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Domestic Violence • Restraining Order Violations

A loud disturbance or a minor physical confrontation can result in arrest for domestic assault and battery. All it takes is a statement from a neighbor, or the words of a victim who is still emotional when police arrive.

Criminal defense lawyer Kimberly J. Trupiano will challenge the allegations to prevent serious and lasting consequences — jail, permanent restraining orders or loss of custody rights. She represents men or women accused of domestic violence in Salt Lake City and surrounding Utah.

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You Can Be Deported!
Domestic assault and threats of violence are deportable offenses. The lawyers at Trupiano Law also practice in immigration law, representing non-citizens in both criminal court and removal proceedings. Contact her immediately.
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Confronting the Allegations

Spousal abuse or assault or other family violence is a Class B misdemeanor if there are no injuries. Almost anything can constitute assault — yelling, pushing, slapping, verbal threats. It becomes aggravated assault (a Class A misdemeanor), if the altercation or attack results in bodily harm, involves a weapon, or if the victim is pregnant.

Kim Trupiano believes domestic violence allegations should always be challenged aggressively. First of all, it’s a criminal record. Second, a conviction puts you in a deep hole if there are future accusations. Third, a spouse or partner can use it as leverage in divorce or custody proceedings.

Ms. Trupiano explores all defenses to get charges dismissed or downplayed in the eyes of the justice court — it was a brief heat-of-the-moment action, the abuse was exaggerated, the violence was mutual, the victim has changed her mind or does not want charges filed. If the witness fails to show up to testify, the court will usually dismiss the case. Often the court will accept a plea in abeyance — charges are dropped in exchange for agreeing to attend anger management counseling.

Restraining Orders

A temporary restraining order (no-contact order) is typically issued after an arrest for domestic violence. If the abuse did not happen and you are no threat to the victim or children, Kim Trupiano will help you fight the issuance of a permanent protective order.

Violating a protective order (harassment, threats or any contact) can be charged as a felony, with substantial jail or prison time. A conviction also has serious consequences for custody, employment and immigration status. Ms. Trupiano works to demonstrate that the victim initiated contact or is using the order to manipulate other legal proceedings.

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