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Protecting the Immigration Rights and Benefits of Non-citizens in Criminal and Juvenile Matters

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We provide consultations to help you understand what kind of immigration consequences one or more criminal convictions could have. If you are being charged with criminal offenses or are a juvenile being charged in juvenile court and you are not a United States citizen, it is critical that you obtain advice as to the immigration law application to your criminal or juvenile case.

If you have hired a defense attorney who does not know immigration law and you are not a United States citizen, it is critical to have your criminal defense attorney work together with an immigration attorney who understands both immigration and criminal law. Trupiano Law provides that consultation to criminal defense attorneys.

Are you in the United States illegally because you overstayed a visa or entered without inspection? Are you a legal permanent resident? If so, do you have a criminal conviction or are you currently being charged for a crime? Do you know a juvenile how is being charged in juvenile court but who is a non-citizen? Trupiano Law has a unique practice which encompasses both federal and Utah state criminal defense as well as immigration defense. Furthermore, we are able to interpret other state convictions to evaluate the immigration consequences. The practice includes:

  • Evaluating categories of criminal convictions having immigration consequences; including crimes of moral turpitude, drug-trafficking crimes, and aggravated felonies;
  • Knowledge of the unique procedure, strategies, and issues involved in the representation of the noncitizen accused;
  • Analysis of all aspects of conviction or other formal contact with the criminal justice system;
  • Immigration benefits and adverse consequences of certain post-conviction remedies, including vacations of judgment and expungement;
  • Implications of criminal convictions for legalization, asylum, voluntary departure, and naturalization; and
  • Arranging resolutions in criminal and juvenile court to allow the alien to be eligible for immigration benefits and waivers under immigration law.

Thus, if you are facing criminal or juvenile charges and you are a non-citizen, ensure that your criminal or juvenile defense attorney defends you knowing with an immigration law advisor on his or her side. Mere familiarity with immigration law is insufficient. We will work with your defense counsel to ensure he or she understand what needs to be done to craft any final resolution to meet the appropriate relevant immigration requirements.

If you have convictions or juvenile adjudications already and you are a non-citizen, again, we highly encourage you to contact us before you go further. You may be subject to mandatory detention and removal from the country if every noticed by USCIS or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It is easier to take care of those nasty convictions or juvenile adjudications now than before something happens. Although Trupiano Law has amended convictions while an alien is in removal proceedings before and successfully averted deportation. Nevertheless, we encourage planning ahead to avoid having to rush at the last minute.

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