Immigration Law Firm for Herriman, UT

Whether you are looking to enter the United States, attempting to marry a U.S. citizen or struggling for your right to reside in the U.S., Trupiano Law serving Herriman, UT, provides the most sophisticated legal counsel and care. Kimberly J. Trupiano is an immigration attorney practicing in Salt Lake City, Utah area. She takes on clients who are foreign nationals, legal permanent residents, employers and illegal immigrants in every facet of U.S. immigration law.

Kim Trupiano is a particularly knowledgeable immigration attorney who practices near Herriman. She has the ability to represent those who aren’t citizens, who are put into removal proceedings since they overstayed their visa, entered the country without an inspection or committed a deportable crime while residing in the United States. She tries to circumvent the criminal conviction that would endanger the immigration status of her client and to turn over convictions that don’t allow entry to the U.S. Even as a non-citizen, you or your family deserves advocacy from a knowledgeable criminal immigration attorney.

Asylum Petitions

Ms. Trupiano has also effectively completed asylum petitions for legal and illegal immigration clients in Salt Lake City. These are distinct cases, where people would undergo torture or persecution if they went back to their country of origin. Trupiano Law also specializes in navigating claims for relief, waivers, and/or post-conviction relief to help aliens applying for asylum. If you have already been granted asylum but are having trouble because of a criminal conviction, visit our office near Herriman.

Thorough Immigration Law Services

Immigration law has many facets, and there are many potential ways to legally immigrate to the United States. For more information on what the details of each are, click here.

Immigration law can be trying if you are looking to gain entry to the U.S., and frightening if you’re having trouble with the USCIS. Ms. Trupiano’s proactive approach and thoroughness makes her an effective immigration lawyer under any situation.

Contact Trupiano Law in the Salt Lake City area to go over your immigration needs or employment visa with an immigration attorney. Ms. Trupiano invites you to contact 801-226-0166 to receive a cost-free primary phone consultation. She has German, Vietnamese and Spanish speakers on her staff.

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Trupiano Law in Salt Lake City handles the total range of immigration matters, which include employment and family-based, non-immigration visas, relief from removal, administrative appeals and judicial review of immigration matters, naturalization and citizenship, employer sanctions and issues where criminal and immigration law intersect. Reach out to us today at 801-226-0166 if you need an immigration attorney.