Why Trust Trupiano Law?

If you are an immigrant or have been charged with a crime, you need a good attorney on your side to obtain the best possible outcome. Kimberly J. Trupiano has the years of immigration and criminal law experience you need to succeed in your legal case. She will aggressively pursue your best interests, whether they are related to immigration law, criminal and white collar defense or family law.

Trupiano Law Legal Services: Aggressive, Thorough, Compassionate

At Trupiano Law, you will find the aggression, dedication and unconditional compassion that any good lawyer should offer. Kimberly Trupiano will find resolutions wherever she can, while paying close attention to detail and keeping clients updated at all times. This combined practice will protect your rights through the following legal services:

Immigration Law

Ms. Trupiano aids Utah companies in obtaining employment visas for foreign workers with special skills. She also represents individuals in family petitions, establishing residency, asylum, deporation/removal and achieving citizenship.

Family Law

Kim Trupiano defends her clients against false claims by the other spouse used to manipulate the legal system. She uses unique strategies and claims that make her an effective representative for clients facing divorce, annulment, child custody and child support issues. She will also handle debt and property division matters, false protective order petitions, dissipation of assets and fraudulent marriages by an alien spouse to obtain immigration law benefits.

Criminal Law

Kim Trupiano conducts exhaustive factual and legal research to challenge the prosecution’s case. Her innovative strategies and federal court experience make her a good advocate for white collar crime defendants. Trupiano Law can handle all types of criminal charges, including fraud and theft, drug crimes, sexual offenses, violent crimes and juvenile offenses.

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