Aggressive and Thorough Representation
in Immigration, Criminal & Family Law

1 / Client name: Mohammed Al Temimi:

I am Mohammed Al T. I have hired Trupiano Law in May 2010 for my immigration asylum case regarding my asylum claim from Iraq. I had a unique claim for asylum that Kim Trupiano handled very well. Kim researched and pulled an extensive amount of supporting evidence for my particular claim for asylum. The asylum application packet was done very thoroughly and professionally by Kim and her staff to ensure the best possible outcome for me. The evidence was organized and Kim included a legal memorandum describing why I was eligible under asylum law when applying my facts. Kim covered the evidence to support my case on all grounds – social group, political opinion, ethnicity, and religion!

I was totally satisfied with all the work she had done so far.  She and her staff were great about returning my calls and were well coordinated in communicating with me for documentation they needed for my case. Her hard work was rewarded when I got the decision granting asylum from USCIS in March 4, 2011. I was thrilled and so happy. Thanks to Kim, my life has been secured and I am able to live in this country legally and happily with my family.

Another good thing is Trupiano Law discounted the legal fees to keep the legal cost down as much as possible. Kim Trupiano capped the legal fees for my asylum case after several months of her working on it also to help me with the money. Finally, I was able to enter a payment plan to pay off the balance. I recommend Kim Trupiano for immigration asylum cases as she is very attention-to-detail and thorough!  She followed through on everything we discussed during the initial consultation on my asylum case and I won!

2/ Client name: Elena Starovoitova

Thank you for all your hard work and excellent research. Thanks to you, I’m still in this country legally. May God bless you and your family. I like Kim.

3/Client name: Obren Purkovic:

My mom had hired immigration and criminal defense attorney Kimberly J. Trupiano to represent me in removal proceedings at Salt Lake City immigration court. Trupiano Law is a very good law firm. Whenever my parents needed Kimberly consultation/advice on my case while I was in jail, Ms. Trupiano returned calls and made herself available as much as she could. In the first meeting with my parents Kimberly discussed the case defense strategy in a lot of detail, explaining and drawing out a time line so we would be prepared. She explained it so my parents could understand how Kim would be handling my cases. The defense strategies were very impressive to my parents and me; they believed Kim will win the immigration deportation case with the wonderful defense strategy. Thanks to her hard work, Kimberly was finally successful in cancelling the deportation proceedings against me at the Immigration Court. Currently, Kim Trupiano is helping me with some other criminal charges to try to avoid more immigration consequences that would cause me to be deported to Serbia – a country I don’t know at all anymore and where I don’t know anyone and which is away from all of my family here in the United States.

I am very happy to recommend attorney Kimberly Trupiano for whoever needs an experienced criminal and immigration attorney. Kimberly has a lot of experience in both immigration and criminal defense fields; that is what makes it so she can be so successful in immigration cases with criminal history problems. People who have criminal conviction are not always bad people and Kim understands that.

Another good thing is Kimberly worked to accommodate the client’s financial capability to pay for legal fees. Ms. Trupiano had worked out a payment plan with a reasonable monthly payment so my parents and I can afford her helping me. How excellent! Thanks Kim a lot!

O. P.

4/ Client name: Elda Coscetti Stramdgard

I am totally happy and satisfactory with all of your work. You had done a good job on my case. Nice work! I high recommend Kim for whoever want an immigration attorney.

5/Client Name: Jose Jimenez

My name is Jose. I needed a good immigration lawyer to help me file a petition of adjustment of status and I approached immigration Attorney Kimberly Trupiano who was referred by my wife. Kim actually represented my wife on a case before when my wife was trying to get me back into the U.S. lawfully. The first attorney we hired sent me to my consulate interview with just an extreme hardship waiver application forma and a statement by my wife. That was not enough. Kim Trupiano took the case and put together a really big packet with lots of organized evidence.  Kim Trupiano paid attention to all of the facts of our case.  As an immigration attorney she did an awesome job on my waiver to get back to the U.S.  Once I got admitted to the United States after the extreme hardship waiver was granted by the U.S. Consulate in Mexico, my wife wanted me to hire Kim for my case here in the U.S. to get my legal permanent resident status because of how reliable Kim was before.

I was under the impression that Kim Trupiano was an outstanding immigration attorney for me. She is a professional, an expert in immigration law and criminal law. She was well-prepared for my case, gathered all the information need for filing a petition to change my immigration status. She makes sure all USCIS forms had been filled out completely and correctly in the first place. My immigration application packet had been reviewed and approved by USCIS without request for more evidence. Awesome job! USCIS had mailed me the green card a couple of weeks later in Feb 2011.

I also appreciated that Trupiano Law offered me a payment plan which helped me through the hardship to pay off the fees for my immigration case. I wanted to pay back for her hard work. She also had not charged me for a lot of her time to prepare the extreme hardship waiver when getting me admitted through the U.S. Consulate in Mexico. I would like to refer to my friends and family for whoever needs a great immigration or criminal defense attorney.

6/ Client name: Jose L.

My name is Jose L. My sister firstly came to office of Ms. Kimberly Trupiano in April 2010 for hiring her to represent me for my immigration removal case. I had two criminal convictions that made me deportable but I had not known that when I pled guilty.  Attorney Kim Trupiano was able to represent me in my criminal cases because she knows criminal law too.  Finally Kim had convinced the Immigration Judge to grant the Motion to Terminate Removal Proceedings in December 2010!  I was really impressed by her excellent works. She visited me in jail in Provo so I would be ready for the hearing. She cares about clients very well, gathering the needed information about my case and carefully explained all my family’s questions.

Trupiano Law still tried to help me when my mom and sister told her they couldn’t afford the legal fees all up front. She set up the payment plan so my mom could make monthly payments. Once my removal proceedings were stopped and Kim Trupiano got me out of ICE custody, I was able to help finish the payments for my mom.

Thank you for the hard work and research expertise. I was really scared of being separated from my family, my wife and my little girl. Now, I can live legally and free in the U.S.!  It was terrible to be in immigration custody at the Provo jail, but Kim kept me and my family updated and did what she said she would do – got my deportation terminated and me out of jail!

It was really great to have Kimberly Trupiano as my immigration attorney and criminal defense lawyer.